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24-hour Hotline 800-252-4613 or 818-563-3070

  • Abandoned or Stray Shopping Carts - Ways to Report...
    1) By Phone: If you see a stray shopping cart, call the City's Cart Retrieval Service at 800-252-4613 or Code Enforcement at 626-570-3230, 24 hours daily. Please be prepared to give the location (exact street address or nearest cross streets) of the shopping cart.

    2) iPhone: If you have an iPhone, use the 
    CartSnap App to snap a photo of an abandoned shopping cart and swiftly send its location and identifying information to a central server. CartSnap will quickly dispatch a driver to pick up the cart and return it to the retail store. You can download the CartSnap phone application from the iTunes App Store.

    3) Online Report: Make an online report by clicking here.

    It is a violation of the State of California and the City of Alhambra to remove a shopping cart from a store without the store's permission. (California Business and Professions Code, Section 22435 and AMC TITLE IX: PUBLIC PEACE & SAFETY, Chapter 9.76 Shopping Carts)

Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control - 562-940-6898

Building & Zoning Complaint Online Form
Hotline - 626-300-1585

  • Building and zoning complaints - includes illegal interior or exterior construction, garage conversions, canopies on private property, illegal business signs or banners, disrepair of property or fence/wall construction

Code Enforcement 626-570-3230 OR Development Services 

  • Car repairs on private property
  • Construction or remodeling issues
  • Fences/walls:
    Maintenance - Zoning regulations require property owners to maintain fences in a structurally-sound condition. Owners are required to remove, repair or replace fences identified as a violation. Removal is not an option where a pool barrier fence is involved or when zoning regulations specifically require a fence.
    Front Fence/Wall Permit - Front yard fences and walls require a permit that must be approved by the Alhambra Design Review Board and the Director of Development Services before any construction may begin. To obtain an application form for a front yard fence, contact the Development Services Department at 626-570-5034.
    Fence Design - Front yard fences must be architecturally-compatible with the design and style of the house and any street side fence. It must be constructed of materials other than smooth block, wire or chain link with no points or ornamentation along its top. The posts and rails of a new fence must not be exposed to an adjacent street.
    Fence Height - Front yard fences must not exceed 36 inches in height.
  • Home-based business (residence or garage)
  • Illegal business activities & businesses (wrong zone or without a permit)
  • Ongoing nuisance
  • Satellite dishes
  • Signs or banners - Signs may not be posted in the public right-of-way, on public property (except governmental signs, signage on city-approved transit shelters, and real estate open house signs), or in a median that has not been specifically placed there for traffic directional purposes. Additional prohibited signs include (but are not limited to) portable signs; temporary signs and banners on buildings or windows; flags, pennants and streamers; and inflatable and moving/revolving signs.
    • Garage/yard sale signs may be posted. However, only one single-face sign, 2'x3' may be posted on the premises where the sale is to be conducted for the duration of the sale and must be removed immediately thereafter. No off-premises signs may be posted. Do not nail or place signs on trees, utility poles, sign posts, city parkways or other city property. A sign may be placed in your own vehicle, but the vehicle must be properly parked on the street to advertise your sale. 
    • There are requirements for the placement of business signs. Call the Planning Department at 626-570-5034 for more information on obtaining sign approval prior to installation.
      TITLE X: ZONING, Chapter 23.50 Sign Standards
      TITLE IX: Public Peace & Safety, Chapter 9.04 Advertising

  • Unsecured swimming pool - no fence or gate

State of California 213-620-4360
State License Board (Pasadena) 626-551-2011
State of California 800-321-2752

  • Consumer Fraud/Complaints
  • Contractor Complaints
  • Contractors State License Board

Alhambra Fire Department 626-570-5192 or 570-3234

  • Hazardous materials

Development Services 626-570-5034 and/or Housing Rights Center

  • Illegal garage conversions
  • Illegal boarding houses/subleasing of bedrooms

Development Svcs Planning/Building 626-570-5034 and/or
LA County Health Dept. and/or Housing Rights Center)

  • Landlord/tenant substandard housing complaints

Development Svcs. Building Div. 626-570-5034 or Alhambra Fire Dept. 626-570-5190

  • Deadbolts on doors

Finance Department 626-570-5020

  • Distribution of handbills - no permit

Finance Department 626-570-5020 and
Alhambra Police Department 626-570-5168

  • Unlicensed solicitors

LA County Dispute Settlement Center 213-974-0825

  • Neighbor problems - trees/bushes/branches overhanging/growing on neighboring property; fences and property line disputes

Alhambra Police Department 626-570-5168

  • Noise complaints - from construction, loud music or parties, car alarms, domestic quarrels, disturbing the peace

Development Services 626-570-5034

  • Noise complaints - stationary, mechanical, air conditioner noise
    (Note: leaf blowers are not regulated by the City of Alhambra)

Alhambra Police Department 626-570-5168

  • Parking - streets, alleys, front yards at night, sidewalks, parkways, abandoned or inoperable vehicles

Finance Dept. 626-570-5020
Alhambra Police Dept. Traffic Division 626-570-5119

Public Works Department 626-570-5067

  • Illegal dumping of discards on city streets
  • Graffiti on public property only
  • City tree trimming or removal on city property

Utilities Department Environmental Compliance 626-570-5080

  • Car washing - Wash you car on your driveway, but do not allow detergents, motor oil, or harsh chemicals to enter the gutter or storm drains.
  • Car repairs - Don't fix your vehicle on public property. You can make minor repairs in your garage or driveway, but do not toss any oil in the trash or into the storm drain. Recycle used motor oil and filters by taking them to a  Certified Oil Recycling Center.

Alhambra Fire Department 626-570-5190

  • Smoke detectors

SGV Mosquito & Vector Control District

  • Swimming Pools - dirty or mosquitos
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