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Illegal Businesses/Activities

For more information, view the Alhambra Municipal Code or 
... for matters related to illegal businesses/activities, call 626-570-5034;
...for matters related to illegal dumping, call 626-570-5067.


  • Businesses located in an area of the city not zoned for a particular activity.
  • Businesses not having a proper business license and occupancy permit. A Business License/Occupancy Permit is required of all businesses in Alhambra, and is used to regulate many aspects of the business, such as the number of parking spaces, type of lighting, type of signage, plumbing requirements, etc.
  • Businesses catering to an "adult business use," unless a conditional use permit is obtained and certain other provisions are met.
  • Certain home-based businesses. A Home Occupancy certificate, required of all home-based businesses, is automatically approved upon receipt provided that the type of business is permitted to be conducted in the home and does not require an inspection. Before starting such a business, contact the Planning Division at 626-570-5034, or click here for more information.
    TITLE V: Business Licenses  and Regulations and TITLE XXIII Zoning, Chapter 23.40 Adult Businesses.



  1. Illegal Distribution of Handbills and other Advertising Materials. A city business license is required for the distribution of any commercial advertising samples, handbills, circulars, booklets, etc. It is unlawful for any person to distribute, place or throw upon any street, alley or public place, as well as any private yard, lawn, driveway, sidewalk, porch or steps of any residence or upon or in any part of any structure or upon any vacant property in the city any handbill, dodger, circular, booklet or other notice of commercial advertising.
    TITLE V: Business Licenses & Regulations, Chapter 5.36 Handbills and Circulars.
  2. Illegal dumping involving any type of waste, including oil, furniture, appliances, trash, litter or landscaping cuttings, etc., upon any public right-of-way, city or private property without consent of the owner. 
    TITLE VI: Health & Sanitation, Chapter 6.16 .250 Litter, Prohibited Acts.

    Anyone who encounters an illegal dumping situation is urged to to call the Public Works Department at 626-570-5067. If possible, please take down the following information:
    • Date, time and location of incident
    • Description of vehicle and license plate number
    • Description of person(s) dumping
    • What items/materials were being dumped
    • Your name and phone number (optional)
  3. Unlicensed Solicitors. Peddling or soliciting is unlawful in the City of Alhambra without first obtaining a license. TITLE V: Business Licenses & Regulations, Chapter 5.24 Peddling & Soliciting.
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