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Ordinances re. Dogs


All issues pertaining to animal control in the City of Alhambra (including processing animal license fees) are handled by the 
LOS ANGELES COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF ANIMAL CARE & CONTROL, 11258 S. Garfield Ave., Downey, CA 90242 (562) 940-6898.

Submit an online Animal Noise Complaint Form to the L.A. Animal Care & Control

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) was founded to provide an effective means to prevent cruelty to animals throughout the United States. It recognizes the importance of urban dog etiquette, which includes obeying local ordinances to protect both dogs and the community at large.

  • The ASPCA offers guidelines about cleaning up after your dog in public. “Pooper-scooper” laws are essential for the health and beautification of the community. Because canine diseases and parasites are often shed in animal waste (putting other dogs and children at risk), it is important to pick up the waste using a plastic bag and then knotting the top to control odor and flies before disposing in a waste receptacle. If the waste is not picked up, the disease-causing waste washes from the ground and streets into storm drains and flows straight to the ocean – untreated. The ASPCA also suggests training your dog to urinate on nonliving vertical surfaces such as lampposts or hydrants, while also teaching them to avoid trees and flowerbeds.

    The City of Alhambra Municipal Code states that it is the duty of the person in control of a dog in a public setting or on any improved private property, other than that of the owner or caretaker, to prohibit the dog from committing a nuisance on such property. (§ 7.20.170).
  • The ASPCA encourages urban dog owners to keep in mind that not everyone loves dogs, so they need to make sure their dog is well-socialized and under control, including issues such as controlling loud barking and keeping dogs from running at large.

    The City of Alhambra Municipal Code requires dogs to remain in the custody and on the premises of the dog’s owner or caretaker unless the dog is restrained by a fence, cage, chain, leash or other means adequate and sufficient to prevent it from leaving the premises upon which is kept (per § 7.20.158).

    The City of Alhambra Municipal Code states that it is unlawful to keep, maintain or harbor a dog that barks loudly, thereby disturbing the peace and quiet of the neighborhood (per § 7.20.15).

  • The ASPCA also favors animal licensing to enable animals to be returned to their rightful owner when they become lost, to develop a census of the number of dogs in a community, and to support local animal control activities.

    The City of Alhambra Municipal Code requires all dogs over the age of four months to be permitted and to have a metal tag (per § 7.20.020). For specific details about dog licenses, click here.

    The City’s Municipal Code states that it is unlawful to keep, harbor or maintain more than two dogs at any one residence within the city (per § 7.20.120).
  • The ASPCA advises owners and caretakers to leash their dogs when off premises to keep them safe from traffic and unable to follow their instincts to chase moving objects, investigate garbage cans or dig up landscaping. Whether a dog is friendly or aggressive, a leash keeps the dog in check and allows the public to pass undisturbed.

    The City of Alhambra Municipal Code requires dogs to be securely restrained by a leash (which must not exceed six feet in length and be of sufficient strength to restrain the animal); dogs must also be in the charge or control of a person capable of handling the animal while it is off the premises of the dog’s owner or custodian.
    (per § 7.20.160)

For more information about dog etiquette, see the ASPCA’s website at www.aspeca.org. For specific municipal code information, visit the City’s website at www.cityofalhambra.org, or call Code Enforcement at 626-570-3230.

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