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Contact: Development Svcs.
111 S. First St., Alhambra, CA 91801; Main Phone Number: 626-570-5030
  1. Call BUILDING INSPECTION SERVICES at 626-570-3240, for the Building Inspection Request Line.
  2. Call the BUILDING & PLANNING DIVISION at 626-570-5034, for matters related to New Business Licenses; Building, Construction, Remodeling or Occupancy Permits; Construction Work (no permit); Fence Construction without Planning Approval; Plumbing, Electrical Work (without permit); Garage Conversions; Garage Sales (no permit required); Historic Preservation; Noise Nuisance (permanent stationary mechanical nature); Satellite Dishes/Antenna Towers (no permit); Signs (ordinance/enforcement); Swimming Pools (no fence).
  3. Call 626-570-3230 for Garage Sale guidelines.
  4. Call the ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT DIVISION at 626-570-5030, for an Application to Appeal Planning Commission Decision; the following Applications/Permits: Conditional Use Permit; Design Review; Home Occupancy; Business Occupancy; Building Modification; Outdoor Dining; Planned Development; Tentative Parcel Map or Lot Split; Temporary Use; Variance; Zone Change; Zoning Clearance;Business Development and Site Availability; Economic Development Information; Home-Based Businesses (city requirements).
  5. Call the HOUSING DIVISION at 626-570-5037, for matters related to the Alhambra First-Time Homebuyer Program; Home Improvement Loans (HUD); Landlord/Tenant Disputes (tenant); Low-Interest Home Loan.
  6. Call the Code Enforcement Division at 626-570-3230, for matters related to Abandoned Shopping Carts (or call the city's cart retrieval service at 800-252-4613); Illegal Business Activities & Businesses (wrong zoning or no permit); Illegal Distribution of Handbills (no permit); Property Maintenance complaints including trash containers left in the parkway and front yard parking.
Development Services MARK CASTAGNOLA Development Svcs Director 626-570-5034 626-458-4201
  VANESSA REYNOSO Deputy Director 626-570-5030  
  YVONNE BARRIOS Secretary 626-570-5037  
Project Manager(s) 626-570-5030  
  LISA LUNA Rehabilitation Specialist/
Neighborhood Improvement
  SCOTT LEE Principal Planner 626-570-5040  
  RICK ABE Urban Designer/Architect 626-570-5034  
  PAUL LAM Assistant Planner 626-570-5034  
  AYLA JEFFERSON Building Official 626-570-5034  
Code Enforcement Div. RAFAEL PEREZ Code Enforcement Supervisor 626-308-4860  
  EDUARDO VILLEGAS Code Enforcement Officer 626-308-4862  
  KRISTY ESCOBAR Code Enforcement Officer 626-308-4863  
  FERNANDO PEREZ-GARCIA Code Enforcement Officer 626-308-4864  
  SERGIO SOTO Code Enforcement Officer 626-308-4865  
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