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Fire Safety House

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  • The Alhambra Fire Department's Community Fire Safety House is a 30-foot mobile self-contained trailer that
    serves as an educational tool to teach kids and adults alike about fire and safety hazards that are common to
    residential dwellings. The trailer is completely equipped with heat, air conditioning, running water, electricity and
    a stove & microwave.
  • The trailer has a smoke simulator and piping distribution system that will fill the trailer with theatrical smoke, and
    simulate real fire conditions. It also has smoke detectors, a child-friendly 9-1-1 telephone, a bedroom door that
    heats to the touch, and designated escape components for practiced evacuations.

  • The Safety House has been featured at many local schools and adult training events, and has been greatly received. Acquisition of the trailer was made possible with the help of Rotary International, The California School of Driving, the Agere/Lucent Technologies Corporation, and by many private business and citizen donations.
  • Any adult or child touring the house during the Springfest event will receive a free fire safety kit, specifically
    designed for their respective age group.


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