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Historical Homes

Existing Older Homes
in Alhambra

Featured homes in the city's northwest quadrant
(includes the historic "Emery Park District)





Homes located in the City's northeast quadrant
(includes the historic "Bean Tract" District)

Homes located in the City's southwest quadrant

Homes located in the City's southeast quadrant


Former Homes in Alhambra
(except where noted) 

The Brunner Home on Main St. (circa 1904)

Gail Borden Johnson Home on First St. (1903)

Corner of McLean & Stoneman (circa 1910)

McLean Residence on West Grand Avenue

The Jaques Home on S. Fourth St.

Strong Home on North Granada (circa 1920)

The Ruhland Home on N. Garfield Ave.

A home on North Garfield Ave. (circa 1910)
It is still a residence today.


Location unknown - probably 3rd, 4th or 5th St.

Women's Club House - relocated to 2nd St.

The Home of Seth Champion (circa 1908)

The Wernick Home on South Chapel Ave.

Home on North Stoneman Avenue (circa 1900)


Home of Waldo Johnson (location unknown)

A. D. Cajal Home at Fremont and Valley

The Gates Family Home on North Electric

Apartment houses on Garfield Avenue.
The buildings are still standing today!

The Johnson Family Home on N. Stoneman

Samuel Wuest Home on West Huntington Dr.

Taken 1912 - Homeowner Unknown
Location may be on Champion Ave.

Home of Dr. J. M Ford at 306 S. Wilson

The Martins Family Home at 11 S. Hidalgo

Fred Marshall Home (1910)

Home at 707 North Stoneman Avenue

The Bartlett/Algie Home on South Chapel

The Home of State Senator E. S.
1503 South Marguerita

Hill Family Home at 808 North Electric

Home built by J. Herbert Johnson - S. 4th St.

Ashton Home at 315 W. Grand Ave. (1912)

A. B. Gates Home at 103 North Electric

Home of E. A. Routhe. Home is still standing.

Home of Milbank Johnson on South First St.

The Donahue Family Home at the
corner of Garfield & Commonwealth

Deuel Family Home on Sierra Vista (1918)

Home of Robert H. Moorehead on Chapel Ave.


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