Dec 23, 2015
Holiday Home Decorating Contest Winners 2016

City Contest Awards Best Holiday Decorations

The City of Alhambra recently invited residents to show off their decorating skills and imagination for Alhambra’s Holiday Home Decorating Contest. Eighteen Alhambra residents submitted their homes to be judged in four categories, which are: Use of Lights, Animation Displays, Creativity, and Overall Lawn Display.
The Taylor residence was awarded Most Creative. Their house is located on 321 S. Fremont Avenue and was filled with great ideas and imagination. Their house included part of their lawn display’s lights to animate with the music that was being played and also had a great display on top of his roof. A dazzling display of light and color.
The Lopez residence located on 1407 Milton Avenue, was awarded Best Animation. Their home was filled with animated lights that all seemed to move in accordance to the music that was being played. 
The Ramos residence located on 122 N. El Molino Street, was awarded Best Use of Lights. Their home featured a dazzling display of light and color. The lawn was covered with lights to appear as if it was ice and snow. Their house was decorated tastefully and not too cluttered.
The Ductoc residence located on 2408 Midwickhill Drive, was awarded Best Overall Lawn Display. Their house was very well decorated with lights stretching around the corner and seemed to cover majority of the house in a fashionable way. From lights stretching in the air above the lawn, to a photo opportunity designed display including a giant Christmas bear with actual fur on it.
The City of Alhambra would like to thank all who participated in this year’s Holiday Home Decorating Contest and we encourage all residents to start planning for next year’s Holiday Home Decorating Contest. 
Most Creative: 321 South Fremont Avenue
Best Animation: 1407 Milton Avenue
Best Use of Lights: 122 North El Molino Street
Best Overall Lawn Display: 2408 Midwickhill Drive
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