Aug 18, 2015
Deadly Disease Threatens Citrus Trees

Huanglongbing (HLB) disease has been found in the San Gabriel Valley...


Citrus tree infected with HLB

Help Protect Local Citrus From Serious Threat


A deadly plant disease called Huanglongbing (HLB) has just been found in the San Gabriel valley and all homeowners are being asked to help stop the spread of the disease, which has been called a death sentence for California citrus. 


Once trees are infected with HLB, they will die, threatening the ability of homeowners to grow citrus in their backyards. Symptoms of HLB include Botchy, yellowing of leaves, yellow shoots, lopsided, small and bitter fruit, and premature and excessive fruit drops. Researchers are looking for a cure but until one is found, every tree infected with HLB will die and needs to be removed to protect other trees on the property, neighbors’ trees and the community’s citrus.


The Citrus Pest & Disease Prevention Program recommends the following to protect local trees: 

  • Cooperate — Cooperate with agriculture crews inspecting local trees for the disease and taking plant samples.
  • Don’t move citrus — Do not bring any citrus plant material into the county from other areas because they might be infected with HLB. Also, keep homegrown citrus fruit at home and do not transport citrus plant cuttings out of the area.
  • Inspect your trees — Look for signs of the disease each month or whenever watering, spraying, pruning or tending trees.
  • Learn what to look for — Visit or use the Save Our Citrus app, which can be downloaded from the website. 


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