May 19, 2015
Hometown Alhambra Heroes

Jennifer Clark & Consuelo Tejada awarded "Courageous Citizen" awards by the L.A. County District Attorney


Jennifer Clark, District Attorney Jackie Lacey, honoree Connie Tejada and Deputy District Attorney David Ayvazian
pose for a photo after the certificates are presented to these two courageous awardees. 

Alhambra Employees become L.A. County “COURAGEOUS CITIZEN” Awardees


Hometown Hero is a term often tossed around casually, but in real life, and in our own community, there are two Hometown Heroes who have achieved that status through their selfless courage in the face of a tremendous threat.

In a 2013 incident at an Alhambra coffee shop a prison parolee, after removing his required GPS monitoring device, forced his way into the car of a young woman brandishing what appeared to be a handgun and taking her cell phone, hitting her on the head, and threatening to kill her.

Jennifer Clark, a coffee shop patron, observed the happenings, saw that the woman was pleading for help, and verbally confronted the man, who jumped out of the victim’s car and into his own car – and off he drove.

Another coffee shop patron, Consuelo Tejada, also saw the attack and the retreat of the attacker.  She followed him to his car, wrote down his license plate, and notified the police.

The result?  The criminal was found guilty of making criminal threats, and is now serving 40 years-to-life in a state prison!

Did it take courage to confront a criminal, apparently armed, to rescue another individual?  Did it take courage to follow the criminal and secure the information that would result in his capture? 

The answer seems obvious, and the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office responded to those two questions with a resounding YES, and awarded Jennifer  Clark and Consuelo Tejada with the prestigious “Courageous Citizen Award.”

“They stepped up in a very dangerous situation.  In a split second, they decided they were going to make a difference,” District Attorney Jackie Lacey said concerning Clark, Tejada, and a few other L.A. County Hometown Heroes.  “There is no doubt that our community is safer because of them,” she concluded.


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