31 SOCIAL SERVICES SOCIAL SERVICES SOCIAL SERVICES FOR SENIORS OFFICE LOCATION The Joslyn Adult Recreation Center, 210 North Chapel Avenue Telephone: (626) 570-3220 Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM CASE MANAGEMENT PROJECT Seniors (age 60+) who reside in Alhambra are assisted with finding resources to remain living independently in their homes for as long as it is safely possible. Services are provided free of charge. Donations from clients and their families are accepted and gratefully acknowledged. Assistance is available in English, Mandarin, and Spanish. SERVICES INCLUDE: CASE MANAGEMENT SERVICES Case Management Services include a comprehensive assessment of the Client, care plan for services, and monthly contact to monitor and modify services as needed. Services may include: HOMEMAKER SERVICES Case Management Project staff will coordinate temporary assistance for Clients in the form of meal preparation, basic household tasks, and light cleaning. PERSONAL CARE SERVICES Case Management Project staff will coordinate temporary assistance to frail Clients to maintain bodily hygiene, personal safety, and activities of daily living. RESPITE SERVICES Case Management Project staff will coordinate temporary assistance to a Client in the absence of their current caregiver. REGISTRY SERVICES The Case Management Project has a list of providers who are able to deliver services to Case Management Clients. Providers are screened with a LIVESCAN and interviewed prior to being placed on a Registry list. Services are at a negotiated rate between the Client and the Registry provider. You must be a Case Management Client to utilize Registry services. TELEPHONE REASSURANCE Case Management Project senior volunteers make weekly telephone calls to seniors. Calls are made to check on their safety, well-being, and provide contact with the outside world. NUTRITION REFERRALS Home Delivered Meals / Congregate Meals / Food Banks TRANSPORTATION Senior Ride / Access Services ASSISTIVE EQUIPMENT Staff can provide referrals and resources for walkers, commodes, canes, wheelchairs, etc. HOUSING REFERRALS Housing Lists / Assistance with placement PAPERWORK Assistance with Social Security Issues / Advocacy for Seniors / Consultations AND MORE SAFE RETURN PROGRAM The Joslyn Adult Center provides registration materials for the Alzheimer Association’s Safe Return Program 1-888-572-8566. This nationwide system helps to locate, identify, and safely return persons with dementia, who wander and become lost. For more information or to pick up a registration packet call (626) 570-3220. CASE MANAGEMENT ADVISORY BOARD & SENIOR COUNCIL These Meetings provide advice to City staff regarding the needs of the Alhambra senior community and are advisory in nature. Agendas are posted at the Joslyn Adult Center prior to the meetings and all meetings are open to the public. ALHAMBRA CASE MANAGEMENT PROJECT ADVISORY BOARD 2nd Thursday of every month 10:00 AM Businesses and organizations that serve seniors in the community are invited to share resources and make suggestions regarding the Case Management Project. ALHAMBRA COUNCIL ON SENIOR CITIZENS AFFAIRS 2nd Tuesday of the month in February & August 10:00 AM February 13, 2018 Club Presidents and concerned seniors are invited to make their voices heard about programs and services. SENIOR HOUSING Alhambra has four senior housing facilities for seniors over the age of 62. For availability information, please contact the names below. Telecu Las Palmas Manor 89 S. Chapel Manager (626) 457-1643 Burke Manor 15 N. 3rd St. Manager (626) 458-1505 Wysong Plaza 111 N. Chapel Manager (626) 284-3956 Plaza on Main 333 W. Main St. Manager (626) 289-5800 City of Alhambra (626) 570-5056