www.cityofalhambra.org 20 AQUATICS SWIMMING LESSONS Youth and Adult lessons will consist of a 40 minute class on Saturday for four weeks; and a 30 minute class on Tuesday & Thursday for 4 weeks. A skill’s test will be given, when needed, at the beginning of each session, to determine the appropriate level of instruction. Please note that the following are general age and class descriptions intended to help you register for the appropriate class. Classes require a minimum enrollment to be conducted. Registration is accepted online – Cityofalhambra.org. Parent/Child - This class is designed to introduce parents & children to the aquatic environment. Parents will be instructed on how to teach water adjustment skills to their children. Ages: 6 months to 3 years. Tots - This class is designed for ages 3 - 5 with little or no swimming experience, and is geared mainly toward water adjustment, while introducing primary swimming skills. Beginner - This class is for children ages 6 and up. It will teach a basic introduction to swimming techniques and strokes. Advanced Beginner - In this class participants will work to perfect the strokes and skills learned in the beginner class. Intermediate/Swimmer - This course is designed to increase swimmer endurance and introduce new strokes to the advanced students. Adult Swim Lessons - This class is ideal for adults of all levels, who desire to learn to swim or simply want to improve on their skills. Adaptive Swim Lesson - The class instructor will provide instruction for those swimmers with limited motor skills and abilities. The intent of this program is to improve cardiovascular endurance and motor function. You may want to consult with a health care provider before entering this program. SATURDAY LESSON SCHEDULE: Granada Park Pool Session A February 3 - February 24, 2018 9am - 11:10am Session B March 3 - March 24, 2018 9am - 11:10am Session C March 31 - April 21, 2018 9am - 11:10am TUESDAY LESSON SCHEDULE: Alhambra Park Pool Session D May 1 - May 24, 2018 6pm - 7:05pm ALHAMBRA DOLPHINS SWIMTEAM This program is for youth 18 years and under who would like to enjoy the fun of competition and individual growth. Workouts will concentrate on strokes and skills for novice swimmers. Participants tryoutwithcoachpriortothebeginningofeachworkout. Participants at the novice level must be able to swim four lengths of a 25-yard pool using basic competitive strokes. Team fee $67.50 per month and due on the first week of each month. Practices are Thursday 4:00 - 5:30pm (Alhambra Pool) & Sat/Sun 9:30 – 11:00 am (Granada Pool). LIFEGUARDTRAINING AMERICAN RED CROSS (ARC) CERTIFICATION COURSE: (LGTR 2018) This certification course meets California public safety lifeguard requirements. The certificate enables participants to apply for California non-surf lifeguard jobs. It is a required course for municipal lifeguard applicants. The course fee does not include the text. Prerequisites: 16+ years, 500 yard swim using crawl, breaststroke, elementary backstroke, and sidestroke; deep water retrieval; 15 yard underwater swim; and tread water (legs only) for 2 minutes. The LifeguardTraining-CPR-First Aid and AED Certificates will be issued to all successful candidates. Granada Park Pool Saturday, January 13 - April 21, 2018 8:30am - 3:30pm (w/45 min. break) Class Fee: $110.00/15 weeks Certification Fee: $35.00/ARC REGISTRATION: Registration is on-line or by walk-in. Phone and mail-in registration is not available. Payment can be made by cash (exact change,) check (made payable to the City of Alhambra) and credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card.) A waiting list will be established when classes are full. If space in a class becomes available, the opening will be first filled from the waiting list.The lesson schedule is subject to change. Specific class times will be posted at the pools or visit www.cityofalhambra.org to register on-line. REFUND/TRANSFER POLICY Refunds & Transfers will only be granted if the participant cancels PRIOR the second class meeting. A $10 processing fee will be assessed for all refunds. Full refunds will be issued only if the class is canceled by the City of Alhambra. The city is not responsible for accidents or other incidences occur out of the city's control and there will be no compensation for the missed class.