City of Alhambra (626) 570-5056 CITY COUNCIL Stephen Sham Mayor Jeffrey Maloney ViceMayor Barbara Messina Councilmember David Mejia Councilmember Luis Ayala Councilmember City Council Meetings are held on the second and fourth Mondays at 7:00 pm in the City Hall Council Chambers located at 111 South First Street, Alhambra, CA 91801 Jessica Binnquist, Interim CityManager PARKS & RECREATION COMMISSIONERS Margaret Whelan Frank Bodeman Bella Flowers Veronica Martinez Glenn Barnett Anthony Seto Maurice Norrington Gary Guevara Donald Mumford Commissionmeetingsareheld1stThursday of the month at 7:00 pm at the Joslyn Adult Center, 210 N. Chapel Ave. Christopher Paulson DirectorofCommunity Services Michael Macias DeputyDirector Jim Venegas DeputyDirector Brie Houghton Recreation Supervisor Kathy Sprecher SeniorServices Supervisor Janine Pinto SeniorServices Coordinator Vincent Hon Program Coordinator Carey Marquez SportsCoordinator Rose Rojas YouthServices Coordinator WINTER/SPRING 2018 RECREATION CLASS & ACTIVITY SCHEDULE CITY SERVICES DIRECTORY 02 RECREATION 03-04 After School Playground Sites 03 Sports 04 LEISURE CLASSES 05-18 Arts & Crafts Classes 05 Computer & Academic Classes 06 Preschool 07 Dance Classes 08 Health & Fitness Classes 09-10 Yoga 11-12 Music 13 Sports & Martial Arts 14-16 Tennis 17-18 AQUATICS 19 -20 SENIORS 19-24 SPECIAL EVENTS 20 Certified Farmer’s Market 21 Clubs & Activities 23 Classes, Seminars & Screenings 24-25 Nutrition Program 26 Outings 29-30 Social Services 31 Transportation Services 32 LIBRARY 33-34 Alhambra Golf 35 ACTIVITY REGISTRATION 36 Family Excursions 38 RECREATION FACILITIES BACK YOUR LOCAL GUIDE TO FUN, FITNESS AND LEARNING